The Only Public Relations Masterclass You’ll Ever Need

Everything We Know That Got Our Clients Featured On: GMA, Time Magazine, Forbes, The Today Show, and MORE!

Learn How We Got Our Clients Booked On GMA In HOURS...

How Can A Small % Of Businesses Get Featured TV, while the majority get denied? 

Right now, 

With the way the media cycle is...

It's getting harder and harder to get businesses PR. Especially on TV. 

This means your businesses misses out on Millions Of Daily TV Viewers, the social proof of your dreams, and brand exposure. 

So if you're a PR Specialist, Business Owner, or learning to become a PR Specialist  you may find yourself struggling with: 

  • Where to begin your Broadcast PR journey. 
  • Expensive service providers and courses. 
  • ​Getting rejected by TV, print & online Media Stations.
  • Watching your competitors get on TV.
  • ​Lack of social proof, brand awareness and lead generation. 
  • ​Writing compelling stories that Media Stations would consider for their next feature. 
  • ​How to find news worthy hooks. 
  • ​How to communicate with the media. 
  • ​Hustling hard, but still struggling to book any PR media.'s not your fault. 

In times like this... where it's the hardest and most expensive to get exposure in the media ever...

The PR Master Strategy is the MOST Effective.

After working as a TV Producer for 20+ Years...

Finding the BEST angle,

writing the best pitches, 

reaching out to the right people, 

speaking there language.

That stuff has always worked. It's the only thing that works. 

At TEN X PR, we get our clients booked on TV everyday. 

Take it from someone who used to get pitched everyday for business features. 

It's not impossible, but you definitely need to become a PR Master first...

Imagine getting booked on TV in just a matter of hours.

And getting your story picked up by other Media Stations that LOVE your pitch! 

Right now,

You can become a PR MASTER.

Get your business on TV,

Get your business featured on print, 

Get your business featured on online media, 

Start your own PR Business.

...Get your brand name in front of Millions of Daily Viewers and Readers.

...Get the social proof of your dreams.

...And attract more business, sales, and opportunities. 

"The average American over 15 year old spend over 3 hours a day watching TV. 

- Statistica

Becoming a PR Master will...

  • Get your business on TV, print, online media, radio. 
  • ​Get in front of Millions of Daily Viewers and Readers. 
  • ​Earn the Social Proof and brand awarness of your dreams.
  • Save thousands of dollars on advertising. Earned Media is FREE.
  • Attract new business and customers.
  • Make PR easy!

Plus much more...

"As a PR Master, 
I've helped thousands of businesses get featured TV and 
earned $2.5 M Over 24 Months!"

Samantha Jacobson - The Original PR Master

I'm Samantha. 

I'm a PR Master here in New York, but I work with businesses and PR Specialists nationwide. 

Over the last 24 months, I've earned over $2,500.000. 

I'm also the Founder of Ten X PR where I get Experts and Founders on TV... 

As well as mentor business owners and PR Specialists to become PR Masters to do the same...

I've Used This PR Master Strategy For My Clients Who Are Now WINNING In Their Respective Industries...

Instawork's story aired 63 times on different platforms - with no network fees! 

Fearless Fund featured on The View, ABC, NBC and Time Magazine - with no network fees! 

Now, You Can...

Become a PR Master To Help Others Get On TV
Get PR for your Own Business.


The PR Master Mentorship Program

Get Access To My Mentorship, Course, and Strategy. Become a PR Master today! 

Get The Exact Tools, 
Knowledge & Systems 
My Team Is Using To Book
Our Clients On TV 
Within Hours! 

Without paying any network fees... Talk about free PR! 

Whether you want to become a PR Master, or get your own business on TV. This is what you'll get: 

Exclusive #1

Become A PR Master Program

Inside this video program, get access to PR lessons, tools & templates showing you how to become a “PR Master”. Get my exact process for booking businesses on TV within HOURS!  

Exclusive #2

Craft The Perfect Pitch

Get the pitch templates I use to create inspiring stories that get businesses on TV with millions of daily viewers and NO NETWORK FEES.

Exclusive #3

Learn How To Use PR

Get to know how PR can contribute to marketing, extend your exposure to millions of viewers, and create the social proof of your dreams! 

Exclusive #4

Media Training

Prepare yourself to go Live. Learn the equipment you need, build the confidence to hand any situation and get invited back every single time.

Exclusive #5

Proven Strategies

Get updated strategies. We're pitching to media platforms everyday. Learn the new updates so you never fall behind. 

Exclusive #6

Ten X Network Community

Gain exclusive access to a diverse network of PR experts, students, and business owners. Leverage this community to get the advice you need and master your PR skills. My network is now yours.

Not sure if the "Become A PR Master" program is for you? Book a call with me personally! 

[Limited spaces for video calls with Samantha available.]


Limited Spots Available.

With running my own PR Firm, updating the "PR Master" Course and training other people to become PR Masters, spots are limited.

So we only open a handful of spots into the "PR Master" Program every quarter. Book a call or click the button below to avoid missing out.

What Is Earned Media?
Earned media is just that– earned, and it’s FREE. Networks charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for pay-for-play media, but earned media is free.
How Do I Get Earned Media Time On TV?
It’s as simple as asking. You’ll need to know who to contact at the network, usually the show’s producer or talent booker, and ask to be a guest on the show.
I’ve Already Been On Radio Shows And Podcasts, So What’s The Benefit Of Being On TV?
Being on-screen is completely different from doing a radio show or podcast. TV also has a much larger audience.
I’ve Never Been On TV Before, What Do I Need To Know?
Two things:

1) You’ll need media training and…

2) Always start with local networks. 
How Do I Get On National TV?
National TV segments are obviously more difficult to pick up, but it’s not impossible. Keep in mind that appearing on several local TV networks is just as powerful as landing one segment on national TV.
I’ve Pitched Many Media Outlets. Why Isn’t Anyone Picking Up My Story?
It’s all about trial and error. The first and second angle might not work, but the fourth try might. It’s important to alter the approach to see what works and what doesn’t.
I Have A Marketing Team. Why Would I Need To Hire A Public Relations (PR) Team Or Expert?
Marketing and PR are very different. Marketing focuses on building a brand with the intent to sell a product or service. A PR team will focus on building and maintaining a positive reputation for your company and brand.
I’m Already A Social Media Influencer. What’s The Benefit Of Being On TV?
Social media has a large audience and a wide reach, but landing an on-screen appearance will increase your credibility and maximize your brand.

Authenticity speaks to who we are and how we work every day. Lead by a team with unparalleled insight into the ever-shifting media landscape and backed by a robust network, we provide high quality coverage and visibility for the stories our clients want to tell.

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